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Your future, our challenge!

CGH Canada International Education is a private institution that is located in the center of downtown Montreal and in Brossard.We have a total number of one thousand students enrolled every year, CGH Canada is ranked one of the top schools in Montreal according to our performance across a set of widely accepted indicators of excellence. We are very proud of the variety of the background of our students, they are from The USA, France, Germany, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Greece, Mexico, Brazil, Peru, Colombia, Venezuela, Trinidad and Tobago, China, Japan, Korea, India, Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Tunisia, Morocco, Lebanon etc.

We offer vocational training courses for international students and immigrants, ESL & FSL courses, online courses and programs for kids.

Over 1000 Students Enrolled

Our students are from differnt countries and background.

Immigration Consulting Services

Our ICCRC certified lawyers and consultants will definitely help.

PEQ Vocational Training Programs

We have step by step PEQ immigration consultation.

CGH After-School Programs

Various after-school programs offered to kids.

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We believe that there is nothing more important than skillful education. 

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